Jacqui Bryan  - Whole Health Educator™ Advocate & Coach

Are you feeling out of balance?

Are you tired of struggling
with your weight?
Are you lacking motivation to exercise?
Feeling overstressed?

Would you like to learn strategies to reduce inflammation, prevent disease and
age more gracefully?

Do you know what you need to do
but you just can't get yourself to do it? 
Do you want to understand the "root cause" of your health issue? 

If you want to finally take charge of your
health, then keep reading. . .

As a Whole Health Educator through the National Institute of Whole Health,  Jacqui uses an evidenced based and cutting edge approach that looks at the five aspects of health: physical, emotional, nutritional, environmental and spiritual© (values/worldview) that can influence the wellbeing of her clients.

Jacqui avoids the typical “band-aid” approach to treating health conditions. She partners with her clients and digs deep into their lifestyle to uncover root causes of their health concerns. As a functional nutrition consultant and behavior modification expert Jacqui uses this  “whole person” approach to guide her clients to uncover lifestyle choices that disrupt the balance in their lives.
In addition to her medical training as a critical care registered nurse, Jacqui is also a Certified Health Coach, and member of the National Society of Health Coaches. Jacqui works with proven behavioral techniques that will get you on the path toward a healthier life. These learned skills stop unwanted behaviors that are sabotaging your health. For years Jacqui has guided her clients to take control of the things they can control in their life. The focus is NOT on willpower, but on strategies that will help clients reach their ultimate wellness goals. 

Jacqui has over 12 years of experience helping clients change unhealthy behaviors. Her unique combination of medical experience and behavioral approaches motivate clients to harness the inner strength they need to lead healthier more energetic lives. Clients identify habits they want to change and Jacqui works with them to build creative ways to increase motivation, stick to their plan and ultimately master the skills that lead to lasting results.
Don't work harder, work smarter!

Start channeling your energy
in the right direction.

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