o   Sugar the Anti~Nutrient

o   It's your weight, it's your health

o   Know Stress 

o   Chew On This, understanding microbiome

o   Immune System Villains & Hero's

Resiliency in the Face of Adversity

o  Make your health your hobby

o   Move Your Cheese

o   Train your brain to think thin

o   Living an anti-inflammatory life

o   Ambivalence, the BUT in the middle

o   Slip NOT Slide

o   Your inner strength

o   Dining Out Healthy

o   Weight Gain & Inflammation Connection

o   Mindful Eating

o   N.E.A.T. movement

o   H.A.L.T. Why do we eat?

o   Summertime Habits

o   Portion Distortion

o   Willpower & Weight loss myth

o   Sleep & Health

o   Middle Management

o   Omega-3's 

o   Fake it till you make it 

o   Pro Biotics/Pre-Biotics Health & Weight

o   Weekend Warrior Syndrome 

o   Nighttime Noshing

o   Spontaneous Eating & Meal Mapping Tool

o   Your appetite

o   The Dreaded Weight Loss Plateau

o   Diet Relapse to Recovery 

o   Fruits, Vegetables & Health

o   Demystifying Organic & GMO food

o   Am I worth it?

o   Consistency is Key

o   You & Your Heart

o   Custom programs written upon request