Jacqui Bryan has been a Registered Nurse for over 20 years with experience in nursing fields such as Critical Care & Cardiac Rehabilitation at world renowned health institutes like Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland and Lahey Clinic in Burlington Massachusetts. She earned a Master’s of Science in Health Communication  from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts  and has devoted over a decade of her career to preventative lifestyle approaches to good health.

Jacqui's personal experience with a devastating breast cancer diagnosis in 2003 was the catalyst for her to write educational programs on the connection between disease and unhealthy lifestyle choices. As a professional speaker, Jacqui has written and presented programs for businesses, hospitals, weight loss groups, support groups and universities. She is a regular consultant for several communication mediums (TV, Radio and Print) on healthy lifestyle modification.

With an additional focus on prevention, Jacqui also works with clients to help them reduce their risk of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and certain cancers. Recognizing that change is hard, Jacqui partners with her clients to develop an action plan with attainable goals.  These positive lifestyle changes can reduce clients risk of developing a life-threatening disease or lessen the symptoms of a current diagnosis.

Jacqui's experience and success stories make her a “force to be reckoned with" in the healthcare world. As a Whole Health Educator™ , Certified Health Coach,  &  Functional Nutritionist & Lifestyle Practitioner,  Jacqui combines her years of medical experience with behavioral strategies to help her clients replace risky behaviors with ones that support a healthier life.

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