Jacqui Bryan  - Whole Health Educator™ Advocate & Coach

"We Must Be The Change

We Wish To See In The World"

I have known Jacqui in multiple settings from weight loss meetings, Prime Time Health seminars, cognitive behavior therapy seminars, and a semi-private focus group.  She is exceptionally skilled with a tremendous fund of  knowledge, personal experience, and the ability to  communicate all of it in a way that encourages real-life application.  Jacqui utilizes  evidence based modalities to help conceptualize health problems and their solutions motivating others  to pursue positive change.   She is incredibly engaging, motivating, and fun!  The thing I find most impressive is that she imparts all of this skill, wisdom, and passion for the benefits of healthy living in such a genuinely caring way.   She has helped me by teaching me the tools I need to succeed and by encouraging  me.  I am grateful to know her!
Judy Fournier, D.O.

"Jacqui is an exceptional communicator. She is able to convey ideas clearly, in simple language, with the examples and images that are perfectly suited to the task. Such communicators are compelling, convey a sense of authority, but remain approachable and congenial. They don’t say too much, nor too little either. They also leave all the room that’s appropriate for their listeners/collaborators to discuss, to question, and to contribute. Great communicators also have a kind of street smarts, an ability to judge the situation and respond to the unique demands that each new moment brings. Jacqui has these capabilities in spades.
Many professional educators can hone these qualities through practice but some people have the extra edge of talent that the rest of us can only wish we had. Jacqui is that fortunate person who has both the talent and the practice. I don’t particularly think of her as a trainer, but as a person who is a very effective communicator. She’s effective one-on-one, in small groups, and in large groups. Her ability as an educator and coach is simply one manifestation of her ability as a communicator. Jacqui is very smart and very knowledgeable. She teaches and coaches with grace, smoothness and charisma. Because she has a special ability to get people to renew their hope and believe in new possibilities, she is one of the most effective educational leaders I’ve ever met. Jacqui never delivers a one-size-fits-all solution. She is curious. She asks thoughtful questions, listens to the answers, digs deep, and quickly synthesizes the data to help people change their thinking and change their behavior. I would be happy to answer any specific questions you have about my observation of her teaching/coaching (world class), stand-up platform skills (brilliant), or personal impact (significant)!"
Richard Snowden, Senior Partner, RavenHouse International

I was uncertain of what to expect when beginning the 6 week Think Thin course with Jacqui.  For nearly a decade I had tried both reliable and trendy diets to no avail; I had finally resolved that this was the body I had been given and though it wasn’t fair, it likely wasn’t going to change.  From the first class it became clear that Jacqui’s honesty and guidance combined with her proven techniques shared with the class would fuel a shift in my perspective.  This shift allowed me to realize that while my predisposition to being overweight maybe wasn't fair, my weight was going to change.  Over six weeks I steadily gained confidence and lost weight all while not feeling as though I was ‘dieting’.  I began to think of food (and myself) differently, moving swiftly passed my former ‘plateau’ weight, finally gaining comfort in my own skin.  One sentiment the class unanimously shared at its culmination was that we wish we had found this course many years before.  I’d highly recommend it to anyone seeking to lose weight, improve their relationship with food, or ready to transition from ‘battling’ with food to ‘harmonizing’ with it. 
Kelsey S., Esq.

"As part of the National Society of Health Coaches' Professional Advisory Board, Jacqui is an accomplished writer and speaker who consistently receives rave reviews as a Lead Coach at NSHC CoachClinic events! Featured in Weight Watcher's Magazine and on New England Cable News, among others, Jacqui is so very inspiring and talented, not only as an NSHC certified health coach, but as an individual at a personal level. Her own story is quite amazing, having resulted in a highly successful independent practice where her passion for partnering with her clients have helped them succeed in ways that even they could not have imagined!"
Melinda Huffman, BSN, MSN, CCNS, CHC  Co-founder, National Society of Health Coaches
My husband and I attended Jacqui's "Chew On This" presentation because of my interest in hearing what does go on in the gut.  My spouse, when hearing what I wanted us to do together, issued a "guttural" response and somewhat reluctantly agreed to come.  His initial concern was being the only male in attendance, however, his fear was quickly allayed when a few of the male persuasion walked in and found a seat. Gutting the issue drove Jacqui's informed delivery with precision, wit, and the human condition.  One felt completely at home with her standing in front of the audience as though she were in your home, or you in hers.  Her oral performance was accompanied by incredibly hilarious graphics-so much so that I found myself focusing on those little gremlins and losing sight of the big intestine!
A 75 minute tutorial traveling down the 30 foot rabbit hole to meet the bad and the beautiful was binge worthy and left me wanting to know and learn more with no squirming in my seat restless to leave.  Thank you, Jacqui, for a moving moment!

Wendy B., York, ME

Jacqui has become an important aspect of my healing process—on several levels. I came to her a year ago needing to make change in my life. I lost my husband a year and a half ago and gave up on life. I had very little interest in taking care of myself—eating properly, exercising, making good choices. I didn’t care if I woke up the next morning. My husband, Al Blake, and I had been married for over 31 years. We had a rich, loving relationship and the pain was (and is) intense. But as I began to come out of my fog, I realized that I was all that was left of “us” for our kids and grandkids. So I sought out help to stay on track. I’d suffered from diarrhea for nearly a year. I’d taken antibiotics (doxycycline) to facilitate tear production (for dry eye) but after three weeks of diarrhea I told my ophthalmologist I was done with that. But the diarrhea didn’t end. It started to improve after large doses of probiotics, then I HAD to take more antibiotics for some dental surgery I had done. It began again in earnest. Thankfully it was manageable and it wasn’t a serious issue like cancer, nonetheless I was ready to be done. When I started meeting with Jacqui, her suggestion was to drop all the supplements, oils, etc., that I had added on my own over time and simply go with what my naturopathic doctor (Dr. Kristi Fassler, Portsmouth, NH)  was suggesting. Within a week I’d stabilized and had normal stools. I’m so pleased for Jacqui’s help with this. Jacqui has been a wonderful friend as I’ve walked the “widow’s walk,” something I never anticipated and was ill-equipped to handle. But being of hardy Midwestern stock and extremely resilient, I carry on. Jacqui  has sat with me on the mourning bench and been an important part of my healing process. She’s encouraged me around exercise (I’m a runner and cyclist), and is helping me be consistent with strength-training, eating better, and other aspects of my life. She’s helped connect the dots, pick up the puzzle pieces, and just been an amazingly supportive friend. I’m grateful. And blessed. Hugs and love to you, Miz Jacqui!
Linda Chestney, Rye, NH

I was very fortunate to attend Jacqui’s workshop entitled “KnowStress” as part of our company hhc (human health care) activities. I was very impressed with Jacqui’s presentation. She is well informed and she touched on all aspects of stress giving real stories as examples. Jacqui shared with us some of the most intimate emotions during her fight with cancer and how she analyzed herself and identified stressors which she then found innovative solutions to eliminate. She presented us with the main stress culprits and clear solutions to fight them.  I came out of the workshop feeling refreshed and with a new perspective on life. Jacqui is one of those rare individuals who are so determined, who can find strength within herself and overcome any obstacle. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet her. She is amazing and I highly recommend her workshops to anyone who is in need of support.
Diana Albu, Eisai

I started working with Jacqui 2 years ago when I wanted to lose weight for my daughter’s wedding.  I have always been a Weight Watcher.  My experience with Jacqui was different and I no longer consider myself a dieter.  I am a thinner person who is eating healthy.  Jacqui worked with me to develop an individual plan that fit my needs.  Meeting with her every other week, she was concerned with my weight, my physical activity and my mental well-being.  With her help I lost the weight and have kept it off. I now attend the Living Well classes that Jacqui teaches as well as her workshops, like Chew On It.   Her  presentations are captivating, stimulating and most importantly fun, providing relevant information on whole body health and clean eating. Her own life provides inspiration to all who attend and you leave her lectures feeling inspired with a can do attitude. This wonderful woman is a blessing in my life and I feel fortunate that she lives in New Hampshire as she travels all the country to deliver her lectures. Your life will be changed forever if you decide to work with Jacqui.
Patty Flaherty, RN, NH

Jacqui has the ability to present an enormous amount of complex information in a concise, relatable and humorous way.  She integrates the latest in scientific and lifestyle data and helps her audience find ways to make achievable and meaningful life changes. (Living An Anti-Inflammatory Life workshop participant)
Laura D. Kelly, MPH, RN

Jacqui presented her Know Stress Program at a lunch ‘n learn session as part of Cole Haan’s Health & Wellness Month in August 2016. Our employees enjoyed her energy-filled approach to handling stress.  Her presentation was helpful in providing a more in-depth understanding and awareness of the causes and effects of stress. Our folks valued her practical ideas and techniques on approaching and reducing stress at work and at home.
Laurie Waniak, HR Manager, Cole Haan

Jacqui, your Chew On This workshop was great, informative, entertaining and motivating. As with all your presentations that I have experienced, you brought your knowledge, your experience and your generous spirit. Thank you for being such a “go-to” resource for every question about renewing, embracing and practicing a heathy mind &body lifestyle.
Anne, NH

I recently met Jacqui at a presentation she did on inflammation in Duxbury, MA ...something I hear about often but never really understood. Now,
spending an evening learning about inflammation is not very high on most people's bucket list, but then again most people haven't met Jacqui! She is so engaging, energetic, funny and thoughtful...who would have thought that one could laugh so much learning about inflammation? And learn I did...I thought that inflammation was solely nutrition based...learning that the other major triggers of stress,
exercise and weight all play heavily with it as well. In Jacqui's Living An Anti-Inflammatory Life work shop, she gave great examples of how we can lower our stress to combat inflammation, as well as great tips to keep your body moving and great foods to incorporate into an already healthy diet. I would attend any workshop/seminar that Jacqui puts on in the future....she is smart, lively and entertaining!
Holly Gerraughty, Director with Beautycounter, Duxbury MA

Jacqui is knowledgeable, engaging, funny, supportive, motivating and caring (and she is not paying me to say this)!! I first met Jacqui at her weight loss group where she shared her wealth of knowledge not only about weight loss, but she also shared her nursing and whole health expertise.  Her true desire to help everyone be successful came through, as she encouraged everyone to examine how to make their program work for them.  Weight loss is not a one size fits all approach and Jacqui gets that. In 2015 I attended her workshop, Train Your Brain to Think Thin, this workshop was what had been missing for me in my roller coaster ride with weight.   Most of us understand the basics of weight loss - calories in, calories out.  The battle of the bulge is really in the mind.   This workshop is based on cognitive-behavioral therapy and takes you beyond the basics of weight loss.  It teaches the skills of weight loss and helps you to face the reality of the choices you need to make to be successful. Once again Jacqui’s extensive knowledge, personal sharing and genuine caring makes any engagement with Jacqui fun, practical and motivating.  I came to the workshop as a last resort and although I continue to have setbacks and slip ups, I accept them, expect them and am prepared for them.  I have lost 15 pounds and I know what choices (and they are my choices) I need to make to continue on my weight loss/whole health journey. 
Chris W. Portsmouth, NH

My sister Patty has been seeing Jacqui for 2 years and is always raving about her and trying to get me to come as well. Finally I attended her talk called "Chew on this" , July, 2017. Oh my what an experience! Jacqui is an expert on nutrition and whole body health. Her talk was easy to understand and most importantly gave us the tools to make life changes. She is extremely knowledgeable and her thirst for new and constantly changing new information impressed me . No question was too small or too complicated for her and her answers made it all seem simple and doable. I have been following her advice since then and look forward to seeing her again. You won't be disappointed in this beautiful lady.
Mary, Plymouth, Ma

It's hard not to have some stress in our modern lives. But being able to recognize it as a warning sign that signals us to slow down and make changes  is often not so obvious. Jacqui's Know Stress workshop presentation taught me how stress can wreak havoc on the body if not addressed. Jacqui is a talented presenter who injects a lot of humor into the workshop while getting her point across and helping participants come up with a workable plan, even if it's just slow breathing or making a small change in the way to handle a stressful situation or trigger. I actually used the "four-second breathing square" recently while stuck in traffic on the way to the airport. I then thought, there's nothing I can do about it, so just enjoy the music in the car and I did calm down. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone wishing to improve the quality of their lives.
Suzanne Laurent , Journalist, poet, and proud tambourine-carrying member of the Leftist Marching Band, Portsmouth, NH

Jacqui, I loved your Train Your Brain to Think Thin course.  It hit me in ways that extended beyond weight loss!  I eat under stress and berate myself in the process.  Now I am learning healthy responses to those sabotaging thoughts that had once led me to eat.  Thanks to you and your course, I'm getting better at planning my food, exercise, and events that in the past had been challenging.    
Gail, NH

"I love Living Well classes!  It's a combination of your leadership and experience, the topics and the group itself that make this really work for me.  I know I'm not alone in feeling this way!  I find a real sense of community and support both from you and from the ladies." ​
Susan Shepcaro, NH

"As a wife and working mom of four, my life is pretty busy and it was really easy to let my focus on my own health take a back seat because I had so many other people in my life to take care of.  Over the years, I had tried many different diet and exercise plans but I wasn’t able to reach my weight loss goals or to maintain a loss with any of them.  One year ago I decided to work with Jacqui to build a program that was focused on me and what I needed.  Jacqui helped me to define my ultimate goal and had me sign a contract stating that I was committed to that goal.  She then helped me to define a step by step plan to get me to goal.  Along the way Jacqui provided tremendous support through Skype sessions, text messages, and emails.  Jacqui has a wealth of knowledge that she draws upon. She suggested many resources, books, and online tools for me to use along the way, helping me to piece together the things that helped me to be the most successful.  She helped me to understand when I was making excuses for things and made me aware when I was letting my focus drift away from my goal. Jacqui’s personality is joyful and caring.  She was truly excited to help me succeed and her excitement and encouragement helped me to realize and believe that I really could reach my goal. From online tracking tools, to my daily workout goals, to my favorite snacks, I have a “toolbox” of things that I learned from Jacqui that are now part of my daily lifestyle.  With Jacqui’s help I was able to lose 28 pounds in 8 months and reach a healthy Body Mass Index for the first time in 20 years. I feel better than I have in years.  I highly recommend Jacqui to anyone who wants to finally stop “trying” to lose weight.  With Jacqui as your coach, you won’t “try” - you will DO.  She will teach you that it’s possible and she will encourage you every step of the way.  When you are done she will tell you how awesome you look and she will be the one who is most excited to see you in your new skinny jeans!" 
Nancy D. – Lost 28 pounds

I just completed Jacqui's 6 week Think Thin class based on cognitive behavior therapy. The course builds upon skills that are presented daily, with repetition in creating new good habits. One learns to THINK about their eating so it will become natural with time. Jacqui guided us adding to the materials in the book. I liked her scientific based tidbits, as I am a medical researcher. Her teaching by example, encouragement and allowing for plenty of discussion among attendees added value to the class. Video's of the class were made available in case of absence. I used them to visually reinforce what I heard in the class. Mrs. Bryan experienced life as a patient years back, giving her a 'real' edge in being an understanding educator. Her genuine concern for her clients shine through.
Donna KS, Feb 2017
Jacqui did the most fantastic talk on Living An Anti-Inflammatory Life at our Duxbury, MA workshop. She was able to break down complicated medical information into easy to understand applications for the average person looking for answers. Jacqui keeps it simple. She is a nurse with a heart.​​
Lolli Leeson, Health Educator,  Juice Plus Company 

I participated in Jacqui’s 6-week course called “Train Your Brain to Think Thin” in Fall 2015. This series was truly a turning point in my process to become healthier for life. This is more than just a weight loss program. Jacqui helped me uncover the sabotaging thoughts that were de-trailing my weight loss journey and efforts to be healthier. I learned how to incorporate positive thinking and rewarding activities to get back on track. I’ve already lost 15 pounds and am on my way to making healthy changes that will stay with me forever. Thank you, Jacqui!
Katie MacKinnon, 30, Rochester, NH

I lost 40 pounds participating in the Weight Watchers program.  I became a lifetime member. Great! Then in the next year, the weight started creeping back up.  I finally realized that losing weight in the first place was the easier task. Keeping it off was really hard. I signed up for Jacqui’s 6 week course ‘Train Your Brain to Think Thin” to help me find a path to permanent weight loss and a healthy life style. Jacqui is a trained professional and a lot of fun. She presented a program incorporating cognitive behavioral therapy, which basically trains you how to change the way you think and the way you act, forever! The best part of the program was my one on one consultation with Jacqui.  She gave me a personalized program to follow and provided the support I needed to move forward to create a healthier, more enjoyable life. Thank you Jacqui!
Anne Dahlen, Portsmouth, NH

Jacqui Bryan does a great job with humor conveying how we sabotage ourselves into thinking how just one bite or one more cookie won't really affect our weight.  I knew way too many of those sabotaging thoughts but didn't realize how easily I used them. The Think Thin Workshop encourages participation among the attendees who support each other. So if you have a goal of getting a colorful ski suit in a smaller size or wearing a bikini again or looking great at your kid's wedding, and maybe your will power is not great, this think thin workshop is for you. My eating was pretty good, but I was not doing the exercise needed to lose weight.  Now I am scheduling it on my calendar. Like many, I have lost weight before, but this time I intend to do the whole approach correctly!
Sue Thoresen 

The Prime Time Health series helped me to sift through all the diet fads.  Not only did it make sense, it is scientifically based and medically supported.  Eating "clean and naked", "opening our internal pharmacy" through exercise and good diet, "individual retirement account for health", developing a moving plan, avoiding inflammation--the silent killer" are ways to build up our immune systems as we age.  Easy to understand workshop books, a caring and skilled facilitator in Jacqui--highly recommend it for all ages.  Changed my life!  Will always be on the move... 
Gail from Stratham, NH

"Jacqui is a skilled clinician with extensive experience assisting people make positive health changes.  She is caring, supportive and able to motivate while providing the tools needed to be successful through behavior modification. Patient's have raved about the results, not just weight loss, but an overall improvement in their well-being." 
Elisa Fraser, Physical Therapist, Maine

Jacqui's Prime Time Health series was a huge hit at the Seacoast YMCA in Portsmouth.  Jacqui brings so much to the table, she is professional, knowledgeable, and engaging. As the Fitness Director it is so important for us to provide the community with healthy living programs that are safe and based in science and Prime-Time Health fit the bill.   The series can be taken all together or just one or two topics of interest, this flexibility was a good fit for our participants. No matter which class they attended each person left with the ability to make healthier living choices right away.  Jacqui is non-judgmental and partners with you to develop the tools necessary to take the next step in your journey. I would recommend this program to everyone, regardless of age, health, or history. We all can benefit from this program!   It is an honor to have Jacqui and this program as a resource for our members.  ​
Deanna Graham, Healthy Living Director YMCA, NH 

"In making a commitment to work with a health coach, I was committing to saving my life and to be there for my children.  I had lost my father, and 2 brothers to heart disease, and my ex-husband to a brain hemorrhage and stroke.  I was it for my children.  I needed to wake up and make a difference for all of our lives.   My lifestyle was unhealthy.  I allowed food and lack of physical activity to take over.  I was an expert at rewarding myself with food.  I was able to give everyone in my life 110%  and then "gave myself a break" when it came to concentrating on me, my health and well-being.  I was a stress eater, and allowed food to become my happiness.  I had allowed myself to become more than 50 pounds overweight, my cholesterol levels were 250+, and I now had high blood pressure.   My goal was to make a commitment to partner with someone that would be committed to finding the right solution for me, not my neighbor, not my sister, but me!  Jacqui Bryan was that person.  Jacqui created a contract that we would enter into where we would both be accountable for taking action.  I really had to discover who I was, what was hindering my ability to commit to myself, and how to move forward and make those changes that I could manage and maintain, throughout my life.  I wanted to provide a good influence for my children. I needed to feel good about myself. We started off by looking at me making commitments to myself, reviewing the reasons why I wanted to lose weight, and some steps that I could take to to make incrementally.  We worked together weekly, and many times daily to get engaged in activities and meal planning, and then determine how I could fit them into my schedule, and how I would track my behaviors, eating and exercise.  For me, they had to be verifiable.  I was not sure I could be honest with myself, and needed to commit to tracking and being accountable to someone else.  I knew that I had no problem letting myself down, but if I made the commitment to someone else, come hell or high water, I would follow through.  Jacqui followed me through on-line tracking, called me almost daily, and even became engaged in some of the activities.  Her continual insight and support was invaluable.  Jacqui was able to help me retrain my brain.  The physical activity became something that I looked forward to doing, instead of dreading the workout.  I had believed that I was an active person, but apparently running around like a crazy person, is not active.  The workouts became a way for me to cope with stress.  I began to need the exercise to really cope.  I found a mixture of ways in which to exercise, that I enjoyed, and helped me to stay engaged.  I don't think I could ever be someone that followed the same plan or went to the same gym everyday, and Jacqui was able to recognize that and help me structure my schedule to fit in things that were fun, but different, ie - tennis, treadmill, boot camp, skiing, swimming, etc.  Jacqui was then also able to help me with balancing my schedule for work, traveling, and the kids, in order to determine what my meal planning and exercise schedule would be each week, what I would like to see happen, and capture my current weight and blood pressure.  After working with Jacqui for 10 months, I had lost 35 pounds, lowered my cholesterol levels by over 25 points, and brought my blood pressure down to that of an athlete, yeah!!!!!!  110/60.   While I still have a little way to go from an ideal weight, I am living a healthier lifestyle, I have incorporated incredible changes into my life that I believe have inspired others, encouraged my children and family members, and have made me a different person.  I am starting to really like the person I am becoming, not only because I look better, but because by feeling better, I am allowing myself to have a new confidence level that I hid from others. Thank you Jacqui for believing in me when I did not, and allowing this new person to emerge, physically and mentally more healthy.  Jacqui, You are my HERO! 
Thank you."
Laura W.~ Lost 35 pounds

Nutrition and health can be a quagmire of information and misinformation.  Jacqui Bryan has the ability to highlight the facts and clarify them so the average person can understand the importance of healthy living.  Prime Time Wellness Workshops provide an interactive approach to understanding some basic principles.  Jacqui has a vast knowledge and her personal style make the workshops very enjoyable.
Dr. Diane L. Egan, Chiropractor

"I strongly recommend Jacqui to anyone looking to embrace a healthy lifestyle, dealing with a chronic situation such as diabetes, or recovering from a serious life situation such as cancer or cardiac surgery.  Jacqui’s own life experiences make her the number one person to help with any of these situations." 
Jack Dougherty, Vice President Chapter 360, Portsmouth Mended Hearts

"When I first met Jacqui I wasn't sure what to expect, I am a working mom of 2 boys and run my own business and consider myself a highly organized type "A" personality, but why couldn't I get a grasp on a healthy lifestyle? First off Jacqui eased my nerves with her kind smile and I knew in minutes of hearing her speak that this is her passion to help others and is a Master in her craft! Within a few sessions I realized not only how educated Jacqui is but also how approachable and realistic her teachings are. I was made to understand that today's marketing and large food portions make it hard for most people to truly know what a healthy lifestyle looks like. I was not only given the tools and education but the motivation, support, and accountability that I needed. I have made living healthy a priority and can't thank Jacqui enough for genuinely believing in me. I have an amazing confidence that reflects in all aspects of my life! Thank you Jacqui for being you!"
Angela R-Lost 28 pounds

"Jacqui is a phenomenal communicator. Her presentation style engages her audience and presents health-related practice and policy in ways that are easy to understand and motivate.  I have invited Jacqui to speak in my speech communication class because her presentations are outstanding models for my students in speaking to and motivating individuals and groups. Jacqui is also one of the sweetest people you will ever meet and that comes across in everything she does."
Debra Holloway, Ph.D., Great Bay Community College

"I would like to thank you for being an incredible coach. When I started healthy eating in March 2013 I didn't think I would make my goal but with your understanding of my health problems and your great leadership I made my goal. Your health tips were great. It’s like I'm a new person, you are incredible.
Thanks again for all your help!"
Frank K. Hampton, NH ~lost 76 pounds

"I recently hired Jacqui to speak about behavioral changes around weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle to an event I hosted with clients and prospects, and couldn’t have been more impressed!  Using props and audience interaction she was engaging, energetic and funny leaving the group feeling like they could make the necessary changes to make a meaningful difference in their lives!"
Ryan P. McCabe, CRPC, CLTC, Branch Manager, Ameriprise

I enrolled in Jacqui’s Prime Time Health Series three months before my 40th birthday and the timing could not have been better.  Prime Time Health is a fantastic series of classes and Jacqui made it exciting and fun. She provides helpful suggestions that  anyone can make to their diet or daily routine.  Jacqui explains the harmful effects of a poor diet and lack of exercise in a way that is simple and easy to understand. Her classes help us understand what is happening inside our bodies and we learned that we can open our “internal pharmacy” by exercising and eating better. This information is so motivating! Jacqui provides participants with tools and tips to make healthy living easier.  She offers wonderful suggestions on phone apps that make this journey effortless.  This class is perfect for anyone interested in improving their health and making that 2nd half of life more enjoyable!  I would highly recommend this class!  Thank you!
Carolyn Ostrom, Susan G. Komen VT-NH Community Relations Specialist

"I have known Jacqui for the last couple of years, she has helped me to become the person that I am today. I have gone from weighing 203 pounds to 159 pounds. She has helped me believe in myself and helped motivate me to take time for me and to never give up. If I was ever having a bad day, I could call her up and she would make me realize that no one is perfect and that we need to take it "one day at time." Jacqui is the most caring, dedicated, loving person that I know. She helped motivate me to run 5-K races and this year I plan on running a half marathon. She has a special gift to help people transform their lives!"
Allissa L. Registered Nurse ~Lost 44 pounds

Prime Time Health is an outstanding series!  Highly recommend it to anyone seeking to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle no matter what your age.  Packed full of beneficial fact based tips that will help your body to help itself to stay healthy.  Marcia, NH

A few months ago I took 4 classes from Jacqui Bryan on taking better control of ones health.  My special focus was on reducing inflammation, but the course covered many topics.  Jacqui is not only extremely well educated, but shares her personal history.  I certainly learned specific ways to improve my diet and still refer to the materials I received in each class.  I highly recommend her seminars and classes to people of all ages.
Piper, New Castle, NH

I recently attended Jacqui's KnowStress workshop. She is very knowledgeable about the effects of stress on all parts of your body. The talk was not a lot of medical ease, but at a level that we could all understand. She then moved on to a discussion on how to handle stress, via exercise, meditation, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and I recommend the session to anyone that has stress in their lives.
Maureen Sullivan, NH

"On February 12, 2014, Jacqui came to Lifeshare  to talk to my group about "Healthy Living". Jacqui was amazing! She had a table full of props and a organ t-shirt which one of my individuals modeled during part of her presentation. Through out her lesson plan she kept the whole group engaged in different activities and encouraged all to participate.  Even those who have never participated in previous activities were raising their hands and wanting to volunteer to go up to her table. This was truly awesome for me to see! Thank you Jacqui, for sharing with us your knowledge of healthy living we are excited to have you back soon!"
Alison Wright - Employment and Activity Specialist, LifeShare,
Portsmouth NH www.Lifeshareinc.org  

I recently attended the Prime Time Health Series with Jacqui Bryan and was amazed at the amount of insight and knowledge I came away with after the 4 sessions. Jacqui’s approach was straight forward  – she explained the “what” to change, the “why” to change and the “how” to change. I am a lifelong fitness and health enthusiast.  I thought I ate very clean but Jacqui provided me with a plethora of new information – based on science and fact - not some new fad.   I’ve already made numerous changes to my diet  – increasing my vegetable and fruit servings to 7-13, sipping more smoothies, adding new sources of Omega 3’s and antioxidants and including new spices to foods I prepare at home.  The recommended mobile apps have proven to be a very useful tool in grocery stores and at home.  In addition, Dr. Sears’ book, Prime Time Health, has also become a trusted resource.  I believe that making even small changes recommended in the Prime Time Health Series will positively impact many and would highly encourage anyone, at any age, to attend the Prime Time Health Series! 
Laurel McKenna, NH