Jacqui Bryan  - Whole Health Educator™ Advocate & Coach

Clean & Naked

Clean & Nakedis an approach, sort of like a method, a system or a plan on how to eat & live healthy. To call it a diet is an injustice because it is so much more than that. The Clean & NakedApproach  is a combination of philosophy and strategy that's catered to each particular client. Developed by medical professional Jacqui Bryan who has over a decade of working with clients looking for healthier lifestyles.

Through one-on-one interaction, the approach is created to fit comfortably within the client's present lifestyle. The Clean & NakedApproach is a proven, simple and effective way to stop obsessing about food, regain control and get healthy.

This three week Clean & NakedApproach consists of three one-on-one sessions:  

  • Session one:Kick Start” in 60 minutes
    • This session is all about YOU. We will discuss your concerns, share information about weight management and start building a program with the Clean & NakedApproach workbook.  

    • At the end of this session you will have the start to a concrete action plan to make changes right away.

  • Session Two: “Building your foundation”  in 60 minutes
    • Check in and enhance your action plan.

  • Session Three: “Launch Time” in 60 minutes
    • Learn how to go it alone with  the Clean & NakedApproach strategies tailored to your needs.  With practice you can learn the strategies to "play nice" with food, reduce anxiety and get lean.

During the 21 day period, Jacqui will be available via text or email to answer any questions or concerns you may have.  (Please allow 24 hour response)

As your Whole Health Educator Advocate & Coach, Jacqui will use evidenced based behavioral techniques to guide you toward a solution that best meets your needs. The three week Clean & NakedApproach  is available to pre-screened clients for $450.

(Jacqui offers a special discounted rate for those enrolled in the Living Well weight management classes)
This accelerated program can be extended at the usual one-on-one hourly rates for clients that want additional support and education.  Rates & Contact Us

Contact us at EmailMe@JacquiBryan.com for more information.